Recruiter - Job Description

Recruiter - Job Description

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Main Job Responsibilities
  • Bullet PointRecruit Experienced Class A Drivers
  • Bullet PointResponsible for all inbound/outbound contacts for internet site leads/applications and database recruiter applications
  • Bullet PointQualify all incoming leads

Education and Experience
  • Bullet PointHigh School Education required
  • Bullet PointSome college preferred
  • Bullet PointSales Experience preferred

Skills and Personal Characteristics
  • Bullet PointWell Spoken
  • Bullet PointPhone sales techniques
  • Bullet PointMulti-tasking
  • Bullet PointExcellent communication skills
  • Bullet PointComputer Knowledge/Experience
  • Bullet PointThorough and detail-oriented
  • Bullet PointEnjoy the challenge of solving problems
  • Bullet PointCreative/Innovative
  • Bullet PointFlexible
  • Bullet PointProfessional
  • Bullet PointOrganized
  • Bullet PointInitiative
  • Bullet PointGoal oriented with the drive to succeed

Certified Top Pay Carrier
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